"Thank you, Montoya Home Caretaker Service for the 12 years I was able to travel south for the winter knowing that I did not need to worry about my home in Spokane. I have sold my home and spend most of time in Yuma,AZ for now. But, when I was a home owner I knew no matter what happened that you would take care of the problem for me. One year there was a problem with my ref/freeer. I am so glad that some one was living in the house so it was a problem and not a disaster. You called and told me the problem and then you worked with the insurance company, where there when they delivered the new ref/freezer and left me to enjoy my winter in the sun. Thank you for the years of 'peace of mind'"

Deanie Pizzillo

"To whom it may concern,
This letter is in regards to our use of the Montoya Home Caretaking Service Inc. We are Daniel and Martha Taylor. We have used Montoya Home Caretaking Service Inc. since we believe the spring of 1996. That's 16 years, we did have a granddaughter house sit for us two different years. Still that is 14 years they have provided a great service for us. As user's of their service we are, actually in their debt. They have over the many years made it possible for us to winter in southern California and be completely worry free about our home here in Spokane. We know it is in good hands under their care. The people that they have stay here have all been very responsible. They have always made sure that we meet and approve of the people that will be staying at our home. In all the years that we used their service not one item has been taken by anyone or has any damage occured. If a problem occurs (furnace or a problem with appliances or whatever) we are informed immediately and with their help the problem gets resolved quickly.

When we return home usually the first part of May, our home is ready for us to live in both inside and out, very clean! It is our opinion that they do a fantastic job watching over our home. Both of us would, and have recommeded their service to to others."

Daniel A. Taylor, Martha L. Taylor

"To whom it may concern,
I have used the services of Home Caretakers for fifteen years. They have placed people in our home from November 1st through April 1st. The people they placed have always been of good character and have lived up to all of our requests. We had only one emergency in this time, a broken (frozen) water pipe due to poor insulation and sub-zero temps Home Caretakers took care of it immediately. Our home has always been clean when we return in April. I highly recommend Montoya Home Caretakers.

Sincerely, Gordon Windle MD"

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